Amigo is a scenario based activity search app that allows people to discover places and experiences outside of their routine.


Personal Project

I was responsible for all aspects of the design process, and collaborated with a director to create a product video.

amigo hero v1.2.jpg

Start With A Thought


I realize that the information people received is increasingly limited by their interest, location, friend circle, and so on. With this in mind, I want to explore possibilities of receiving broader information.


Research From The Field

Interviewed 10 participants, received 80+ online survey results, and analyzed multiple daily apps. It helped me better understand how users interact with information, what made unique daily experiences, and why it happens. Key insights found as:

  • Friend is the main source for inspiration

  • People need goals to perform searching

  • Users shares in personal social media but never write reviews to the public

  • It always includes multiple events


“Archery was just something never appeared in my life before, but I fall in love with it after randomly being introduced by a friend’s friend.”


Focus On Unexpected Exp.


From the interesting findings, I realized that there’s a great opportunity to amplify the probability of discovering something outside of one’s lifestyle or routine. Compare with current market’s capability, it brings people more “A-ha” moments in daily life.

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Introducing Aim-go

aim go app f1.jpg

Discover Things With Scenario


People are able to search based on scenarios as who, where, and when. By showing the results that are not limited by interests, it provides unexpected information that allows people to discover interesting things outside of their lifestyle.

aim go app f2 2.jpg

Your Story Inspires Other’s Day


Each single share is a chapter of today’s story, Aim-go connects all chapters from a person, to compose a daily story. Record and connect your daily emotions, in the meantime, inspire other people to explore. Having unique daily experience by discovering all kinds of stories around you.


A story of Matt & Julie with Aim-go