Aim-go inspires people to experience different lifestyle activities by encouraging them to share their daily stories with each other.


My Role In This Project

A personal project. I was responsible for all aspects of the design process, and collaborated with a director to create a product video.

Research & Analysis, User Test & Iteration, UIUX Design, Product Video Storyboard

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Focus On Daily Experience


In order to have many user research data and maximal life impact, I decided to focus on studying how the limited information issue affects people’s daily hang out activities.


Insights From Research


Friends Are Main Sources

The majority of information are received from either friends or interest groups. Information from outside of friend circle can barely sneak in.

Share With Anxiety and Perfection

More pressures come to the sharing process since more people get involved. However, people love to express themselves.

Review Is A Harder Share

Many people value reviews but never do reviews. It requires more responsibilities, stronger incentives, and much more efforts than sharing just for himself.

Daily Hang Out Involves Multiple Events

People normally aim to a main activity, and find multiple side events to fill a day. It requires them to have extra efforts to search and arrange things out.

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Verify The Insights From The Market

Studied the user behaviors inside the most frequent used products, in order to verify the insights from interviews. In the same time, I could understand what have been done in the market, and what may left as opportunities.


Define The Problems To Solve


Information Map

A person won’t get other information until more people joined in and contribute.

Reframe The Mission and Goal

How to help local people having a better daily hang out experience, by allowing them to know more un-expected information?


Introduce Aim-go

Encourage people recording every expressions instantly and confidently, in the meantime, inspires other people’s daily hang out story.


Focus On Now, Emotions, And People


People discover better options based on scenarios as who, what, when and relationship. The instant reviews bring users feeling of trust and engagement. Aim-go encourages user to record expressions thru the day with more incentives but less burden. We also create opportunity for reviewers to meet new comers at the place they both like.


Your Story Made Other’s Day


Each single event is a chapter of today’s story, Aim-go connects all chapters of today to write user a story. Everyone has unique personality and stories to inspire each other inside the city. Have a better daily experience by discovering all kinds of stories around you.


A story of Matt & Julie with Aim-go


Thanks you!

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