project brief

Defining the role and value of play in the future, to help Hot Wheels reimagine itself to become a leader in the future of play.




ID   Roy Ren                   GRAPHIC   Chloe Kim                  MOTION   Jasveer Sidhu


What is the future of play


How can the future of play creates values to Hot Wheels

Collector to Connector. Me to We.


collector to connector


Current Hot Wheels brand values focus on encouraging children to be collectors, however, we believe the future of play is about connection. By applying the concept to the brand, the values change from being collectors to being connectors. Connection of children and toy cars, will produce more possibilities of joy.




The future of play is unlimited connection, it is not only between people and products, but also environments. Apply the concept to the brand, it will benefit from the play pattern changes from inside to outside, from me to we, from speed to cooperation, from horizontal to vertical, from limitation to imagination.