Improve the pets adoption experiences with Google AR technology, and inspire more people to get involved in helping pets in the shelter.


Personal Project

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“Matching is the hardest but also easiest part during adoption, since people already know and want to adopt one. There are not enough people know about these pets in shelters, I hope more people can get involved in helping pets.”

- Sara, a volunteer in pet shelter


A Broader Mission


How to improve the experience of adopting, in the meantime, get more people involved in helping the pets in shelters?

*Pet lovers means people who love pets but can’t adopt

*Pet lovers means people who love pets but can’t adopt

Connect All Pet Lovers


The Power of Love

Shelters don’t have the power to spread all pets’ information to the public, but pets adoption should not be a one-man game. By bringing all pet lovers together, passing pets’ info to a broader audience and attracting more people be aware of pets in shelters, the power will help them living a better home.


The Power of Technology

Google AR is the solution that connects people and pets. By providing each pet’s digital version of itself, potential adopters and pet loves are able to experience the pet thru phones to learn about them and contribute.


P.E.T Brings Pets A Better Home

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Matching While Experiencing


Emotional Bonds

Pet matches are based on the answers from questionary. The AR pet will act based on personality sets, and users are able to play with it in the virtual space before they meet in real world. It helps building emotional bond while playing, in the meantime, helps imaging the expectation after adoption.

Experiencing Rather Than Selecting

Focus and spend time on each pet match is much more valuable than quickly browsing all matches. Interact with the pet in AR right at home, provides a memorable and bonding experience. There is always a detailed pet information to support match process.

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Virtual Actions, Real Impact


A Social Impact Game

Pet lovers who can’t adopt pets due to allergy or lack of time, can pet them digitally like a mobile game, and make contributions by sharing game screenshot or purchasing digital items.

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Power the Community


Pets Found Home, So Does Adopters

Shelters are able to connects all adopters together to share their experiences, exchange pet products.


Process Behind The Design


Understand the Problems & Ideations

Step Back to Look For the Root of Problems

There are many websites and applications helping adoption matching, but why is adaption rate still low? After talking with stuff members in shelters, I realize that shelters does not have the reach it needs in order to attract potential adaptors.

To help pets find the right companion, it is not only about designing a better adoption process, but also designing a system that leads to social impact.


Wireframe & Flow

Main Screens in Low-fidelity

google wireframe.png

Iterations on Flows and Designs

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Landing on AR Petting

Take the Time to Interact & Bond

Pets are not listed products, and selecting is not the right action to find the right companion for both pet and adopter. Since the results are already filtered based on user’s preference, slowing down to experience and interact with each pet, it will build a better bond before meet in real.


Refine Interactions & Details

Dropdown to Show Details

Compare to floating buttons leading to new pages, the new interaction creates consistence, cleaner screen, and match well with user behaviors.

Meaningful Icons

Updated “Camera“ icon to indicate the first action of sharing rather than the share function. And use “Calendar“ icon to replace “Bell“ icon since users get confused by the meaning during user testing.


Refine Interactions & Details


Original concept uses animal footprint to indicate adopted pets’ social media posts, but users don’t know what it means, and not sure if it is clickable. I decide to use the virtual pet with name tag to tell the story. The moving pets also attract users to click on it.


Fun experiences during researching

Yes, it is a real wolf! The unique experience inspired me that bringing adopter’s love to the public and make more people be aware and get involved.

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Thank You