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Heat is a social app to encourage amateur basketball players to play as teams, by providing information.


My Role In This Project

Designer and co-founder. Responsible for all facets of designs, and led efforts to address user pain points and business opportunities. Partnered with three developers to bring concepts to life.

Research & Analysis, Ideation, User Test, Design Execution, Collaboration & Product Management


Design With Business


There’re 30 million amateur basketball players in China, however, the professional sport industry takes majority of public resources and attentions, which caused amateurs experience dissatisfied daily games.

We wanted to challenge the current situation, and help amateur players to enjoy professional-like games experiences.

Of course, building a sustainable business model is the precondition to achieve the goal.


The best way to research to me is really stepping into the user groups, not just interview with them, but make friends with them, talk shit together, and filter out the most useful information.

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All Problems Lead To Communication


Dive deeper with the research results, there is one key element that touches all aspects of pain point, which is communication. It allows players to share, team up, compete, and improve.


Know About The Court & Players

Check Players on the Court in Realtime

Quickly check how many players and who are playing right now. No more 1 person game or 1 hour waiting line for games.


Local Amateur Player Community

Easily communicate and share among all players and teams without privacy concern.


Tournaments, Anywhere, Anytime


Local Tournament

Start a local tournament anytime in the local park, and bring all teams together to “fight” for championships.


* Marketing & Managing Tool for Business

Business owners can start their tournament thru the App, which helps them setup games and manage teams easily. Heat also helps them gathering attentions from the right audiences - local sport lovers, effectively.


Improve Like An NBA Player

Peer Evaluation & NBA Player Template

Evaluate your teammates & opponents’ abilities after games, encourage players to improve based on NBA player templates.


Personalized Tutorials

Heat recommends tutorials and nearby professionals to help players improving in a professional way.


Pass on to Amateurs the Professionalism


Local Professionals

Maximize the influence of professionals, and bring benefits to both players and professionals.


Stadium Reservation

Quickly browse prices and availabilities for indoor/outdoor stadium reservations. No more frustrating and calling.


There are 30 millions amateur basketball players in China, what if we can bring all the players together to build an amateur community? 


Analysis of Current Market


Opportunity Areas

- Not many digital platforms are provided for amateur players to communicate with each other

- Amateurs are hard to experience professional games


Competitors solutions

There’re 3 type of solutions to gather amateurs together.

- Help finding nearby players

- Help making gym reservations

- Photo sharing related to sports


Understand Users

How Users play nowadays

Observed outdoor and indoor players’ behaviors, and interviewed players to understand user’s common needs and unique needs.


Analysis Pain Points

- Information before games & in games

- Communications / connections after games

- Competitions in games

- Personal improvement in general


Ideation & Concepts

Visualize Possible Solutions

Broke down experiences to three stages as before game, in game, and after game, and sketched out possible solutions. Filtered out best options and then tested with our M.V.P users.


Design Iteration & Decisions


Female users growth

Many female players’ feedbacks flood in after 1st version released, due to the culture of sports, they have stronger desire to find peers. I iterated interface to a cleaner and neutral style, to attracted female users.


Core Value Drove Design Changes

Because of the growth in female users which also increase the participation rate of male users, we redefined the core value of Heat from being a utility-focused tool to a social platform emphesis on experiences before and after the game for amateur basketball players.


Users & Business

Values for Users

Enhanced Game Exp.

Improved Off-Game Engagement & Connection

Connected Professionals & Amateur

Business Potentials for Heat

Ads Based on Player & Court Data

Commissions from Reservations

*Build A Heathy Culture & Community for Amateurs


Key Interface Designs


Thank You.