The Pitch


Heat application builds a community for amateur basketball players to create a connection with one another and receive enhanced game experience.


What makes a great basketball game experience?



Court. Game.

Team Work

Player. Team.


Challenge. Tournament.


Skill. Coach.


What are the market opportunities?


Amateur Player + Digital Platform


After comparing and analyzing current services and products for basketball players, there is one white space to provide services for amateur players to have a digital platform in order to have an organized and efficient connection.



Easily Access + Professional Game Experience


By locating four types of services in the current market, there is one white space that allows users easily access, and at the same time, provide a professional game experience for amateur players.


Create a digital platform for amateur players to easily communicate and improve their daily game experience.


Values for Users & Business





Enhanced Game Exp.

Increasing the quality of amateur basketball games helps users to build better skills and have more joy in playing. 


Off-game Engagement

Social interactions after games will connect not only players, but also local fans and professionals. They are always a part of a great basketball experience.


Affordable Support

Amateurs are able to meet and hire professional players and referees in their neighbourhood, and allows them to have professional quality games in an affordable way.


Shared Economy

The platform allows Professionals, like coaches, trainers, and referees, to use their spare time to teach local amateur players.


Data of Players for ADs

The Data of player information and location, is able to help sport equipment companies have a more efficient and personalized advertising delivery.


Expandable Business Model

The platform is able to expand to other sport areas to create a huge impact on Chinese amateur sports. It’s also able to work in a global format.


Culture of Chinese Basketball

Teaching and encouraging the amateur players to play in a professional environment and manner allows an increase in the quality of games, as well as reinforce the perception of basketball.




Short term


Develop and refine the application to focus on marketing in order to raise the number of users.

Middle term one

Tracking device

Collaborate with smart wearable device companies, to develop products and features to help basketball players track daily game data. This will reinforce the user's loyalty and attract new users.

Middle term two

Expand to other sports

Apply the application to other sports like tennis, badminton, in order to increase the business scope and build a community for all amateur sports players.

Long term

Amateur League

Based on the large amount of users, the app can establish an amateur data system and national tournaments. It helps connect amateurs, both digitally and physically, to enhance their game experience and relationship amongst other players.



Discover Everything About Your Court

Opportunities can be provided for amateur players to get connected based on the court, check who is in the court, build up a team, arrange a game, and announce news.



Start Your Local Tournament


Heat allows locals to open their own tournaments in order to connect local players and have fun. Reward and title system will encourage players to play like an online game.


Wanna Improve Your Skills?

Evaluate others after a game, and get other to make an assessment on you. In order to know how to improve,  you must know yourself better. Heat recommends you video tutorials and nearby coaches based on your ability style.



Affordable Professional Experience


There are a lot of professional players, coaches, and referees  who are not able to continue their career because of injuries. However, Heat provides opportunities for them to pass their passions and abilities to amateur players.