Runn is a system for marathon runners that maximizes their training results and performances through precise nutritional support, personalized plans, and friendly community.


Team Members

Product   Roy Ren                  Graphic Ben Ho


Marathon Is Tough

Runners will be challenged on both physical and emotional


384.5 Times of Football Field

26.2 miles or 46145 yards

2.5 Movies Time

4.2 hours to finish a full marathon (average for men in U.S)

1 College Semester Long

14-20 weeks plan & training


Define the Problems


Currently, runners have to buy nutrition supplies, set personal plans, get running datas, and find companions in different places or medias. There is no holistic system that provides a seamless and simple marathon experience. 


Solving Problems by Providing…


1.  Easy way to manage and maximize the training result

2. Provide right amount of nutrition in the right time

3. Personalized training plan evolves based on each time’s running data

4. Find companions to fulfill emotional needs


Runn Family Products


Runn's  Eco-system


Simple, Professional & Personal

Marathon Experience

Connect through personal training plan, scientific nutrition intake, and mentor encouragement, to provide a simple but professional experience from training to performance.


Rethink the Project Base on Real Business


Strategy for Applying to the Real Business 

Original Student Concept


The emphasis on the original student work is to create a complete user experience, but it is not a good strategy for a real business. I start to think about what would happen if this project is designed for a real business? 

Home Station Hardware

A hardware dispenses nutritions base on users' data and need. Users can also personalize and buy nutrition packs through APP. (New Industry)


Wearable Tracking Device

A wearable device that records and analyzes users' running data during running time, reminds users to take nutritions in the best time. It will sync with the home station, in order to help users to plan the next training and estimate nutritions. (New Industry)


Nutrition Supply Industry

Build a trustful brand name in the market, and establish an online sale and local distribution system. (Existing Business)


Data Analysis / APP

A team for application design and programming. Collect users data facts to help analysation. (New Industry)


Apply the eco-system to a nutrition company who wants to expand their business and build customer's loyalty. Cooperate with other companies rather than step in a brand new industry to reduce the risk and save time.

Hardware to Enhance Nutrition Intake Experience

Open a new product line to enhance the experience of nutrition intake, while building customer Loyalty. Differentiate the company from other nutritional brands.


Cooperation Rather Than Competition

The wearable device market is too competitive. For the customers who already have a wearable device, it may reduce motivation to experience the new eco-system. Therefore, cooperating with wearable device companies is a good strategy.


Expandable Business Model

Easily apply to other areas, which requires nutrition intake, such as gym users, cycling, and so on.


User Centric Experience

Outsource the user experience design part to a design studio, in order to save time and have a solid design. At the same time, to establish a new team to maintain and update the application for the future.



Scientific Nutrition Intake

Base on the data collected from you, Runn provides you the right amount of nutrition at the right time, in order to help you to recover faster and get better performance.

Personal Training Plan

Each time after you workout, Runn will analyze the data and refine the plan for you, to ensure that you always have the best plan to work with.

Mentor Encouragement

Compete, share, and encourage with each other, to enhance friendship, and also make new friends.