introduce the Munm

Munm is a wooden musical-story toy, designed with replaceable character pieces that allow children to use their creativity and imagination to create their own stories and music. It also extends the toy's life during the growth of the child.


make music with magic

The wooden magic sticks rotate inside the music house to create sounds, while children push it. Simply moving the position of the sticks will help to compose children's own music piece.


While children grow up, they require more complexity of the play due to improved ability of understanding the cause and effect and fine motor skills. Munm toy allows children to attach sticks in different positions and angles, to create more complex music play, in the meantime, it maintains their interest and provides more fun.


Not just music, but also role play!

Imagination, stories and share with friends.


Each stick has its own story and music

Meet Sir Lee, Singer Ga, and Ninja Horijo